Saturday, 13 August 2011

Neuroscience and Art....

The last frontier of the biological sciences- the ultimate challenge- is to understand the biological basis of consciousness and the mental processes by which we perceive, act, learn, and remember. ~Eric Kandel, Principles of Neural Science, 4th ed.

The Very First Annual Brain Art Exhibition and Unconference.

Brains I Will Fetch You Light Paper And Ink
By Laura Jade
Winner of the Patron Commendation Award
March 3rd-12th 2011 Global Gallery

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

White Parazoa

White Parazoa is a series of small sculptures I have recently made using paper, felt and wax. Initially inspired by the Victorian Era, the geometric forms reference the designs of neck ruffles and lace of the period, while also referencing the cabinets of curios and the rise of scientific discoveries in the 17th-19th Centuries. The work also draws upon the illustrations of biologist Ernst Haeckel, focusing on sea creatures and the array of symmetrical and geometric patterns found in living organisms.

A few examples of Ernst Haeckel slides and Elizabethan portraits which informed my sculpture series. I find it beautiful, the connection between the abstract illustrations of strange life-form when put together with the style of the intricate detail in the portraits, such similarities in aesthetic.