Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Camilla & James Commission....

A lovely friend of mine commissioned me to draw the portraits of her house mates as a birthday present. I had the pleasure of staying with them in Melbourne earlier this year, so I got to know their characters. They are both incredible muso's, who play in a huge, fun, Jug band. Camilla on banjo and Piano (hence the piano tie reference) and James on double bass. I used a photo as reference for their faces (its been a while since I've drawn this realist) and had a fun time sketching out their quirky 'antique' clothing, from my inner fashion designer imagination.

 This was an initial cartoon sketch to get the idea, size and look. Below is the original picture that actually came in the oval frame I used (second hand). I think she is beautiful so I decided to base the portrait off her whimsical 'bonnet & daisy's' style.

The Mask Project....

As another crafty side-project to painting, I will be working on a 'Mask' series of sculptures. It must be noted- I didn't make the masks (they are the ones you buy to paint in craft shops). I one day hope to make my own mould and make them from scratch. In the meantime, I will use these to experiment with. My idea is to draw science-like symbols, fractals & organic structures, and then make paper/wax adornments, neck ruffles, alien like webbing, surrounding the faces, so they in part become the central, but less-obvious feature. As I was moving them around to create space on my desk, the light caught them, and I took these photographs. Enjoying the repetition of white faces (not quite human-like, but almost) I thought they also could make interesting & spooky paintings. 


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Lady of Budapest...

I have finished the last oil glazing layers of this minature but detailed portrait. She weighs in at only 13 x 13cm.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Joy & Happiness; My Recent inspiration....

Melanie Mikecz's beautiful colour combinations make me want to revel in their cheerfulness.
Check out her other illustrations

Frieda Kahlo 'Self Portrait as Tenuhana (Diego on My Mind)'
I love the strength and resolve, in the autobiographical portraits of Frieda Kahlo. In this particular one, using the dress as a symbol, her portraits always have a beautiful way of referencing her outer culture with her inner world.

"The women of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec are known to be strong, independent and, at the time of Frida Kahlo, they captured the fantasy of many travelers and artists. By wearing the Tehuana dresses, Frida Kahlo made a statement about herself and her Mexican roots."

And finally, below are absolutely stunning portraits by Marco Mazzoni. I love the way the eyes are left white, masked, somehow making the dream-like aspect even more prominent.... the way we are connected to nature...& what floats in our heads unseen....
Check out the website: